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Who is daycare for?

Daycare is a wonderful option for many dogs! Puppies, working dogs, or any dog that spends long hours by themselves are a great candidate for daycare.

The Details


Daycare is offered Monday through Friday

Drop off & Pick UP:

Daycare drop off is between 7:30am-9:00am and pick up is between 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Play groups range in size between two to eight dogs. All play sessions are always monitored by staff members. We do not allow intact males to participate in group play past 6 months of age.

Who is Daycare For?


Daycare is a great socializing tool for you pup! It also can help with all that puppy energy! We highly recommend all puppies spend 2-4 days a week at daycare depending on your work schedule and their breed. Call our office to learn more about puppies and daycare.

Working Dogs

Many of America’s most popular breeds are bred for work, and they have a lot of energy; especially when they are not working! Daycare is a great outlet for them to burn off some energy while having fun in a safe, structured environment.

What does a day of daycare look like for my dog?

Dogs in daycare go out to play four times during the day. The first two morning play sessions are individual play sessions. Regular daycare pups may participate in group play during the morning sessions, but our new daycare pups will have individual time in the mornings to get to know our team and facility and become more comfortable before meeting new friends to play. Everyone naps during our lunch hour, so they are rested and ready to play with friends in the afternoon. The last two play sessions are group play, which is kept to small groups consisting of two to eight dogs. Play groups are determined by size and energy levels. Please note that dogs that are especially shy and / or timid may come to daycare for several days engaging in individual play before joining group play. Call our office to learn more!

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